Hulk 4x4 Fender Flare PVC Kit 2" or 3.5" Kit Available

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These universal fender flares will suit almost all makes and models with its universal fitment.  These are ideal to use if you require flares due to wider rims/tyres on your 4WD protruding past the fenders.

Each kits comes with a  3.0m length which should be enough for 2 wheel arches.  
3m fender flare
16x mounting plates
32x screws

Fitting Instructions:
1. Jack vehicle and remove wheels
2. Use vehicle support stands for safety
3. Cut length to suit wheel arch
4. Slide Mounting plates into the channel of the flare moulding (8 mounting plates per wheel)
5. Space the mounting plates equally with one positioned at each end. It’s also best to have mounting plates positioned on any tight angles (they can bend to fit neatly).
6. Starting at one end drill through the holes in mounting plate and fasten with screws supplied.
7. Pull the flare tight before fixing each mounting plate.
8. The ends can be cut angled or in an arc for the preffered appearance
Tools Needed: 
*4mm Drill bit
*8mm Socket attachment
*Vehicle support stands