Lightforce RJ45 Cable

Lightforce RJ45 Cable

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For use with the Tow-Pro™ remote brake controller (EliteV2 & Classic models) when installing into the switch fascia CBFASCIA that is suitable for the Ranger PX MK2. Also, with any of the RJ45 passthrough connectors – for use in-between the UHF remote head unit and the RJ45 passthrough connector.

When fitting the Tow-Pro™ remote brake controller (EliteV2 & Classic models) this cable is required as the cable supplied in the original kit will not fit due to the large size of the RJ45 connector.

NOTE: When installing the EliteV3 this cable is not required.

Cable is 1200mm in length with a wire gauge of 24AWG and is designed to fit neatly within the limited space available.

Ensure cable is securely fastened from the main brake controller through to the remote unit.

This is a standard CAT5e cable and can be used as a network cable when requiring CAT5e specifications.