Ignite Heavy Duty 12V 60Amp Wiring Harness to suit Driving Lights & Lightbars - Super simple installation

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The Ignite Driving Light Wiring Harness Kit along with its accessories, is the most comprehensive Driving Light wiring kit to be released to date and is specifically designed to install any of the Ignite Driving Lights, Lightbars or Worklamps to your vehicle.

It is a complete Premium Heavy Duty Wiring Harness kit that features easy “Plug and Play” connections via a range of adaptor harnesses for a quick do-it-yourself installation. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 … providing multiple lighting combinations to be all plugged into the one harness. All components are of high quality fittings to ensure a professional finish and enable tool-free fitment. No tools, no experience required for fast and easy universal fitment.

Supplied with a 12 Volt 60amp Relay mounted on a pre-wired base with further electronics enclosed, allowing the wiring harness to be suitable for both Positive or Negative switched vehicles. The wiring harness leads are enclosed in Flexible Braided Tubing thus allowing for easy pull-through firewalls or grommets and also providing complete protection against the wires being accidentally pinched or cut.

Requires a headlamp adaptor kit which simply plugs inline with the driving light harness and high beam headlight to leagally function with high beam circuit:

H1 Headlight Adaptor Kit - IWH006
H4 Headlight Adaptor Kit - IWH005
H7 Headlight Adaptor Kit - IWH008
H91 Headlight Adaptor Kit - IWH009
HB3 Headlight Adaptor Kit - IWH007
HB4 Headlight Adaptor Kit - IWH014
Universal Headlight Adaptor Kit with HID or LED Headlights - IWH013

Light Harness Adaptors Kits are also available if you want to run multiple spotlights, light bars or both!

Driving Light Y Harness - IWH002
DRiving Light W Harness - IWH003
Driving Light W Harness (for large light bar) - IWH004
4m Extension Harness - IWH010
Harness Adaptor Large to small Deutsche - IWH011
Headlight Extension Harness - IWH012

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